UFC 253 Main Card Review

Hakeem ‘Mean’ Dawodu vs Zubaira ‘Warrior’ Tukhugov

The first round saw the two fighters show extreme respect for one another as minimal strikes were thrown on both sides as they tried to figure each other out. A few significant rights from Tukhugov but nothing to write home about.

Round two picked up in pace and intensity as both men came out with more aggression. Dawodu kept at the leg kicks as Tukhugov absorbed the ones he wasn’t avoiding. Dawodu was slipping out of the way too. Tukhugov landed a important take down towards the end of the round after being hit with a body shot that seemed to take the wind out of him.

The last round was dominated by the mean Hakeem as he stuffed multiple take downs whilst dominating the striking exchanges. Towards the end of the round, Dawodu was looking levels ahead of Tukhugov as he was giving his opponent the verbals, even with warnings from the referee he continued with the physical and verbal aggression.

Hakeem Dawodu won the fight via split decision after edging the first round and dominating the last round. He looked sharper and better conditioned than his opponent tonight. A top 10 fighter may be next up for the Canadian.

Ketlen ‘Fenomeno’ Vieira vs Sijara ‘Sarj’ Eubanks

The first round had Fenomeno initiating a clinch game instantaneously but Eubanks was breaking away with a fair amount of ease. Vieira started to switch up the game plan and exchange strikes, she landed combinations, going from the body to the head was working for both fighters. But a late flurry followed by a take down took the round in favour of Vieira.

The pace of the fight was slowed down in the second, a quick take down for Ketlen had her in ground control for nearly three minutes with some light ground and pound. The fight looked fairly even on the feet but Vieira had the edge in the clinch and on the ground.

The final round saw Eubanks’ corner acknowledging her being 2-0 down and asking their fighter to go for broke. Sarj came out doing just that landing big head shots but not doing enough to knock down the Fenomeno. Sijara ended the round with a couple of big ground strikes but it proved to be too late.

All 3 judges scored the bout 29-28 to the Brazilian Ketlen Vieira. She looked comfortable on the feet and stronger on the ground and in the clinch.

Kai ‘Don’t Blink’ Kara-France vs Brandon ‘Raw Dawg’ Royval

Round one started with a bang as Kara France scored an early knockdown followed by Royval getting a knockdown via s huge spinning elbow. Mid way into the round Royval got another knockdown as he caught France with a knee up the middle. Kara quickly got back to speed and recovered.

The 2nd round was over quickly as the underdog Brandon Royval secured a guillotine after Kara-France initiated a take down.

Phenomenal performance from the young american, came in the underdog, left a serious contender in the flyweight division.

Dominic ‘The Devastator’ Reyes vs Jan ‘John’ Blachowicz

The first round was slow, but calculated. Jan won the round through more effective striking and he seemed to be mixing up strikes to the head and body more efficiently. Highlighted with a huge body kick leaving a serious mark on the body of Reyes.

Round two had Reyes coming out more aggressive to which Jan matched comfortably. Reyes was doing a good job slipping in and out of striking but Jan’s previous damage to Reyes showed its wear on the devastator. Blachowicz started to land a multitude of shots through the guard of Reyes before dropping him with a powerful left hand. John then finished Reyes on the floor to claim the Light Heavyweight Title.

Jan Blachowicz made that look easy, in a not so stacked division. He may be in that champion position for a few years after that performance. Polish power is real!

Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya vs Paulo ‘The Eraser’ Costa

Adesanya controlled the first round with leg kicks, in an effort to slow down the aggressive Costa. The eraser had a very sore looking lead left leg whilst Izzy looked to fast for him.

Israel continued to second round in the same vain as he still looked to fast for Paulo. An impressive left hook to the temple of Costa dropped him and Israel finished the job on the ground.

A routine victory for the last stylebender left Paulo Costa looking, not so scary. Dominant and impressive. The leg kicks in the first round immobilized Costa and forced the second round victory. Adesanya looks untouchable in the middleweight division with performances like the one tonight.

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