Cory Sandhagen: Making it look easy

Firstly, I would like to apologise to Cory Sandhagen for giving him little to no chance when previewing his bout with Marlon Moraes. He made it look easy against the number one bantamweight contender in the UFC.

His smooth performance saw him knockout Marlon in the 2nd round with a beautiful spinning heel kick.

via @UFC twitter

This was no fluke. The Sandman was slick as he evaded the power of Marlon in the first and in the start of the second whilst landing a range of knees, kicks and punches. All while circling on the outside of Marlon’s range. Moraes clipped Cory a couple of times but he rolled and absorbed all significant hits.

Eventually, this led to Sandhagen stepping into Marlon with a spinning heel kick that landed to the top of his head. Knocking down the Brazilian. This was followed up with a few seconds of ground a pound before the referee called an end to a very impressive and dominant performance from Cory Sandhagen.

What’s Next?

Petr Yan is the current bantamweight champion and he will, mostly likely, be facing Aljamain Sterling. Cory will, presumably, face the winner of that championship fight. Either a rematch against Sterling or a bout against the Russian Yan.

If Cory turns up for either of them fights like he did against Marlon, his chances of winning are significant as his skill set is so dynamic.

On his day, he could be unbeatable.

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