UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje

The main event of UFC 254 will see Khabib Nurmagomedov take on challenger Justin Gaethje.

This fight is looking to be one of the biggest UFC fights of all time, if not the biggest. Khabib is hoping to continue his unbeaten legacy whilst Justin Gaethje is a true American underdog who has the perfect skillet to take on the Russian eagle.

It could be absolute fireworks.

Justin ‘the highlight reel’ Gaethje has had a meteoric rise in the UFC’s lightweight division. From Edson Barboza to James Vick, Justin’s power has shown to be too much for his opponents. He has the ability to break those who he fights physically and mentally. With whipping leg kicks and a chin of steel, Gaethje can break you down if you can absorb his initial onslaught of power. See Tony Ferguson and Michael Johnson for a reference of how he does this over the course of a fight.

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What more can be said about Khabib? The Eagle is the pound-for-pound number one fighter in the UFC while boasting an incredible 28-0 record. The Russian is known for his grueling wrestling and ground and pound. He dominates fights from start to finish either via TKO, submission or decision. His hype is extremely warranted. Khabib has picked apart the entire lightweight division. His resume includes finishes of Connor Mcgregor and Dustin Poirier, so it’s fair to say Khabib will be ready for the top level challenge.

via @UFC instagram

How will the fight unfold?

This fight is a great match up. Everybody knows the game plan from both Khabib and Gaethje. Take downs and ground control vs on the feet damage with high level take down defence, respectively.

I believe that within the first minute or two of the fight. We will know where it’ll go. If Justin can defend take downs successfully, he will have every chance to win the fight. His striking on the feet is far superior to Khabib’s. However, Khabib’s ground game is like no other. His ability to take you down and stay on top is scary. Justin Gaethje will know this already and will have a gameplan in place, with the help of Trevor Wittman.

Justin Gaethje’s head coach, Trevor Wittman, could be a deciding factor in the fight. One of the smartest minds in MMA, Wittman was a huge factor in Gaethje’s victory over Tony Ferguson as he made sure his fighter stayed composed and in the moment. Leading to Justin winning every round with more and more ease.

Another thing that Justin has on his side is his incredible ‘never-say die’ stamina. Hi ability to go to that dark place of exhaustion and still be high level is scary. Khabib has stated that he will take Gaethje to deep waters and drown him. The only problem is that Justin is ready for exactly that.

No predictions for this one, just sitting back and watching it unfold. This bout will be one of the biggest in UFC history, and rightly so.

If anybody has what it takes to beat Khabib, its Justin Gaethje.

Expect history to be made…

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