Kevin Holland: On his way up

Kevin ‘Trailblazer’ Holland has looked untouchable in 2020. He has 4 wins in 10 months, and he is looking to get another fight before the end of the year. A 5th win would tie him up as having the most wins in a UFC in a calendar year.

In 2020, Holland has 3 finishes and one decision, the latter of the two being his most impressive win to date.

The Trailer blazer went 3 rounds with Darren ‘The Dentist’ Stewart back in September. This closely contested fight against a dangerous Stewart showed us a side of Holland we were yet to see. A tough and gritty side that surely, put the UFC on notice.

via @trailblaze2top instagram

Skill set

Kevin Holland has a fantastic skill set.

On paper Holland has a 2nd degree Kung-Fu black belt and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In practice, he has 7 submission victories in MMA and 10 knockout victories (also 4 decision wins). The trailblazer has nearly all the aspects of the game covered.

Kevin’s technical striking has improved vastly in 2020. The 6ft3″ fighter is looking more and more proficient and efficient in every fight. This has translated to his power increasing tenfold as his movements are sharper and tighter. Ask potential knockout of the year winner – Joaquin Buckley…

The future

After his 1st round dispatch of Charlie Ontiveros, Holland was angrily shouting at bystander Israel Adesanya. A fight for the future. Late 2021 potentially?

There seemed to be some underlying beef between the two. Holland went on to claim that Adesanya knows what its about however he is not willing to disclose it just yet. Save it for the promo I guess. All we know is it dates 2 years back to Kevin’s UFC debut in Las Vegas.

If Holland stays on his current trajectory, he will find his way to the top. He will be getting a top 15 fight next, then a top 10, top 5, then a championship fight.

OK, I may be getting carried away a little but Holland is a phenomenal fighter with a dynamic skill set and a superstar personality.

Only good things ahead for him, hopefully he gets one more fight in 2020 to equal the UFC record for most wins in a calendar year.

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