Diego Sanchez: Time to end the Nightmare?

Diego Sanchez deserves a spot in the UFC hall of fame. Let’s get that out of the way. The 38 year old was an original participant in season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter, the show that helped to catapult the UFC towards the mainstream. However, with 4 fights left on his contract, MMA fans areContinue reading “Diego Sanchez: Time to end the Nightmare?”

UFC 253 Main Card Review

Hakeem ‘Mean’ Dawodu vs Zubaira ‘Warrior’ Tukhugov The first round saw the two fighters show extreme respect for one another as minimal strikes were thrown on both sides as they tried to figure each other out. A few significant rights from Tukhugov but nothing to write home about. Round two picked up in pace andContinue reading “UFC 253 Main Card Review”

UFC 253 Main Card Predictions

Hakeem ‘Mean’ Dawodu vs Zubaira ‘Warrior’ Tukhugov Muay Thai specialist Dawodu will be using his efficient technique against the wild technique of Tukhugov. Firing shots down the centre line with elbows, kicks and knees opposed to the reckless aggression of Tukhugov. But don’t be fooled, the ‘warrior’ knows exactly what he is doing and isContinue reading “UFC 253 Main Card Predictions”